MDC is an OEM supplier of micro tubes to the leading global irrigation companies. MDC's micro tubes cater to the modern needs of Greenhouses, Nurseries and Landscape irrigation worldwide.

Realizing the importance of yield per acre and healthier crops, MDC is committed to developing and producing eco-friendly products that contribute to meeting its customers' global needs.

MDC utilizes the most advanced technologies, equipment, know-how and expertise in its product portfolio development and manufacturing processes to deliver high-end soft PE and PVC micro-tubes for irrigation applications.

By producing PVC compounds, MDC has complete control over the quality as well as the ability to continuously introduce new, eco-friendly innovative products.

 All our products comply with stringent ISO 9001:2015 quality and engineering standards. Being an approved OEM supplier in the medical industry we practice Zero defect policy, no toxicity, complete traceability recording and documenting, and excellent consistency and precision from the first millimeter to the last.

We have the capability to produce all sizes of micro-tubes from 2mm OD to 13mm OD, and from 0.5 mm ID to 9mm ID tailored to customers specific needs.

 MDC provides its customers assembly services. Drippers and fitting is assembly is either purchased or provided by customer.