Since 1987, MDC Industries Ltd. has specialized in the development and production of high quality tubes for medical ,irrigation and industrial applications. MDC is also PVC compounding manufacturer for both medical and industrial grades. 
As an established leader in its field, MDC is a leading OEM supplier of micro tubes to some of the largest international companies; offering a diverse group of international customers with tailor-made solutions based on expertise and innovative capabilities accumulated over its 30 years of excellence.
MDC prides itself on delivering best in class customer service by integrating our resources into an efficient, just in time, fast and flexible response to our customer's needs. MDC utilizes advanced equipment and stringent best practices in its manufacturing process and in-house laboratory to provide unparalleled precision, strict quality control, and adherence to international standards such as ISO 9001:2015.
MDC's self-production of its PVC compounds, enables the company to have complete control over quality and composition as well as the ability to offer our clients customized products that meet their specifications and standards.